(Top 5 hobbies that we can turn into a business)

One philosopher said “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Many of us are stressed and tired going to work. And why are we doing this? For survival. Our daily living forces us to work hard to buy something. Isn’t it amazing that one day we wake up doing our passion and earning money out of it? Here are the 10 hobbies that we can turn into a business venture.


We love cooking as we love to eat. From simple dinner to big events, we were able to manage and make sure that our guest as satisfied with the food that we are preparing. As per On the line toast, an average income of the small restaurant is anywhere between $24,000 to $15,5000 a year. However, we need to keep in mind that having skills alone is not enough, we need to make sure that we use quality produce and spices into it as well with the kitchen utensils that we use in preparing it.

NWA is an elite distributor of Gel, Spice Select, Spice Supreme and Sauce Supreme seasonings. In addition to that, NWA provides high quality kitchen tools and utensils.

Jewelry and craft

Jewelry and craft added flavor to the individual soul. It adds uniqueness, mood and personality to the one’s wearing it. Some even has collection of expensive jewelry and some created their own. Being so in love in making unique jewelry and craft can help you earn for the living. According to statisca.com, the market by revenue of jewelry is about to double from 2018 to 2025. Making this possible, NWA can provide the materials that you can use in starting one. NWA offers wide variety of products with low cost.


More and more people are now having fun with retailing. The younger generation is also engaging in this kind of hobby wherein their purchase item during sale season and sell it in higher price online. There are companies who always offer a chunk of sales, then some actually take advantage of it they when the season promo end, they will sell it in pretty much higher price or the original price. With NWA, since it is a wholesale company, there is a big difference to the price of the product being offered compare to local groceries.


Capture every precious moment! That’s the main purpose of photography, to save memories. People now are concerned with the quality of pictures that they will get. Now, photography it is not only a trend but a profession. As per work. Chron salary range of photographer is between $19,000 to $76,000.


Drawing is not only an art, but a talent. When we were young we used to draw a lot, but as we grow older we tend to focus more on other activities. An average artist can earn as much as $55,000 and can still increase up to $73,000. 


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